Requirements & Criteria

General requirements

Your submission should include:

General system’s architecture and examination framework of projects.
Logics and description of processes in the system.

Link → Logics

Detailed description of the process for engagement
Examination of incoming projects. The process should include scrutiny for the use of blockchain in project/business operations.
Detailed implementation plan of the system.
Full name, brief curriculum vitae and contact information of a contestant (Telegram address, email).

Link → Vetrov.ethVetrov.eth

Your work and the proposed solution must be:

  • Original. It should not include more than 10% of other contestants’ works
  • Мамой клянусь, оригинал.

  • Implementable. Keep in mind the features, specifics and goals of FreeTON.
  • More than half of the work is already done by FTCommunity, FTVH is a linking block.

  • Consistent. Its elements should not contradict each other and the FreeTON Declaration of Decentralization.
  • The whole structure is based on "Antifragile model", that is decentralized by default.

  • Safe. It must ensure a due level of funds’ security
  • A dedicated process must ensure the best security in hands of community

  • Modern. Inspire by the leading market solutions
  • Inspired by featured projects on Product Hunt, Awwwards, Dribbble and Behance

Evaluation criteria

1) Hard criteria

2) Soft criteria

  • Detailed and easily understandable charts explaining the architecture and system processes.
  • Tried as hard as possible

  • Brevity.
  • Tried as hard as possible

  • Mostly everyday English to facilitate understanding.
  • Tried as hard as possible

  • Readiness to participate in the implementation.
  • MVP already in construction.

3) Artifacts

Venture platform’s architecture detailed scheme and description (brief narratives).
Step-by-step description of work within the venture platform.
Concept of onboarding for the adaptation of the Hub in Free TON (format: .pdf, presentation or web platform).
Concept of engagement to involve projects in consideration and work on the platform (in the Hub).
Sequential plan of tasks with a deadline for their implementation.
Ru responces Process Architecture