Why ?

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe. Simon Sinek
For Investors 💎

#1 Metaverse oriented incubator.

#2 Due to crypto-regulation, many investors can't participate in projects launches that are not regulated. This creates friction and delays technology development. Freeland Passport gives investors the power to proof ther existence for KYC Procedure and avoid fraud.

#3 In Metapolises, investors can visit startups in Incubators or even lend a land nft to be visible and accessible for citizens.

#4 Metaverse and NFTs space is the Blue Ocean of VR Advertisement and Live Events.

#5 Buy Lands and lend it for other users.

#6 Buy Bots as NPCs to provide a gamified interface for users.

#7 IDO method is based on Metamodern Proposal ArchitectureMetamodern Proposal Architecture

Ex: "Talk to the Farmer (NPC) to farm tokens."

For Players 🕹

This is not just a Play2Earn world with wide social interactions possibilities, like :

  • Voice Chat (Room, Group, Private...)
  • User-friendly "Agora" marketplace where you can buy Items, Lands, Transports & Skins.
  • Create or join guilds and participate in crowdloans to share a land or take part in raids
  • Create and do quests generated by the community and Freeland Administration
  • Infinitely wide universe of Mr.Freeman, full of messages and treasures that only few very observative players can find.

This is a gate to create your own projects and your own world, like you're God of your reality, with a juridical document that's proving your legitimate possessions of your world with your own rules. But before creating your own world, you must accomplish the path of Creator. Fulfill your being with wisdom that you will find in others Metapolises like Apodeixis.

For Freeland ☯️

Freeland is an social experiment gamified platform made for social concepts testing. Freeman assumes that we are naturally free, but we all need to be aware of what our neighbors need to thrive and how we can synchronise our wishes. Freeland will prove that we are capable of living in harmony, thanks to the 🔮Nucleolus Synchroniser , a new way to find consensus between citizens.