What ?

Many things about Freeland will remain hidden until players finds this by them selves.

But there is a lightweight FAQ to respond to the most obvious things.

What is Freeland ?


The virtual state of Freeland is the same state as any other existing one, whether recognized or not. The global difference is that it is organized on a newly-discovered territory: in the infosphere. There is no logical reason to deny that this territory exists. There is no reason to deny that social and economic relations between people can technically be built in it according to different rules than ever before.

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🏛️Features of Freeland


Временное секретное описание

Фриленд это генератор и агрегатор метаверсов с открытым кодом и ассетами.

Каждый игрок по завершению чакрального лабиринта может создать свой собственный мир со своими собственными правилами и приглашать других игроков в свою игру.

Скрытая цель Фриленда напомнить игрокам что они боги которые забыли что играют в игру с "квантовой графикой" (то что мы называем Реальным миром). Парадокс Фриленда заключается в том, что игроки которые живут фейковой жизнью в реальном мире начинают жить настоящей жизнью в виртуальной и дополненной реальностью.

What are Freeland Crystals ?

Freeland CrystalsFreeland Crystals

It's a NFT collection of crystals that have a color and version. Those tokens will have an economic role in Apodexis Metapolis.

What is Metapolis ?

A city inside Freeland Jurisdiction. It can be a real territory like an island or a virtual territory like a metaverse.

Any existing metaverse can ask for a 🗂️Cross-Reality Administration services provided by 🧭Dao Core

🏘️Features of Metapolises
What is Apodeixis Metapolis ?

Demo City built on Unreal Engine for Android in order to demonstrate Freeland Features in a simple Metaverse simulation.

What is an NPC ?

NPC in Freeland

NPC, AI or Bots are the new edge of Metaverses.

Imagine being able to have a big f#cking moster inside a dungeon that makes money for you by defeating other players that came for loot.

When a player buys an NFT-NPC, 33% of his price goes to the NPC Creators, 66% to a liquidity pool that farm tokens for loot.

Autocompound of pools happens every 24h.

Other players can attempt to kill your NPC and take the farmed loot that did not compound yet.

But to be able to attack your NPC, other users have to bet something against your NPCs loot.

You can also just use NPC like a chat bot with your customers. They can talk, take messages, buy and sell your product when you sleep.