According to Mr.Freeman, we are living in a Fake World full of Fake People driven by a Fake Goal.

Our way of living is based on blind consumption with a simple credo "Eat, Shit, Lough".

Freeland, is the place were you meet Real People and you chaising for the Real You


At 7:50 you spawn into a flat monochromatic world with the only Flying Building in the air. This is the Protévousa Metapolis. It will not be available till the end of the development. The only thing to do for the player is to fetch the nearest lotus first Metapolis, you must walk to the nearest Lotus.

Apodexis Metapolis


At the beginning of the development, the only lotus that will be available, is the Apodeixis Metapolis designed by Daedarus.

Once the player reach the Lotus, an hologram will appear and ask for name and acceptance of general conditions.

After signing, player is invited to come into the Lotus light that teleport him in to the heart of the Metapolis through the crystal Light, under the Dom.

Apodeixis's infrastructure is inspired of Daedalus Labyrinth, so it has the dungeon under the city. To

we can visit the whole town by following the same path. At the same time, the city have


This world is colorful, but the player don't see colors. To see colors, player can buy glasses on nft markets or find them during events. (Reference to Oz's Magician)

To be able to vote, make proposals and being elected, you must be citizen of Freeland by accomplish several tasks:

  • Read and Accept "Salutemie"
  • Get a Freeland Passport

To be able to teleport to favorites places, you must be part of a company in Apodexis like :

  • ToonBox
  • Freeton Labs
  • Broxus
  • And other that works on Freeland Ecosystem

To be able to buy lands, you need to be resident of Freeland by accomplish following tasks:

  • Pay Taxes as a Donation
  • Make 3 Friend
  • Join 1 Group
  • Help with a Project
  • Make an exchange of NFT or Crypto
🎭First NPC