Graham debate mechanics as point system.


Principle of the game is like the "hot potato", but instead of potato players throw out arguments.

Based on Pyramid of Paul Graham Political decisions over the whole Freeland will be passed through a collective live debate before being voted.

The Role of "Censors", being a part of Sustainability camp, is also to check arguments of all others camps.

At the end of debates, Censors count arguments Points based on this benchmark:

  • Name-calling = -3
  • Ad Homineim = -2
  • Responding to Tone = -1
  • Contradiction = 0
  • Counterargument = +1
  • Refutation = +2
  • Refuting the central point = +3

Debates can continue as long as is possible for participants, but at the end of arguments Censors must close debates with a vote of citizens if the theme of debates is closed or if we need to continue to debates but with different participants. Each participants have to wait 3 other tours of debates before return in front of the mic.

The goal of debates is not to find who is right or wrong, is to find the most optimal solution for every camp.