Cross-Reality Administration

Freeland as an administrative-host for Metaverses

It makes a bridge between the real and virtual administration.

  • Be able to launch your business without paying big taxes to those who is not involved.
  • Be able to exchange value and information without fear of your government.
  • Be able to purpose Freeland rules and vote without exposing your data.

You are the government.

Real Freeland Passport is a Cross-Reality NFT, needed for DAO Governance.

If you have it, then you are the government.

Your rule Freeland with other Freelanders thanks to a SuDeGo

It is also a substantiation of identity administration system independence.

Every one can make their own passport, flag, symbol etc.

The only difference is our belief.

For more details about politics see 🧶SuDeGo Game

Every environment can be hostile if it's filled with inadequate people, even in the virtual world.

But how can we resolve this problem in a DAO?

How do we ban a user in a open source Metaverse?

We use the "Trias politica model" 2.0 :

  • Governance Tokens
  • Protocols
  • Smart Contracts