Metamodern Profile Picture [MPP] or MetaGueule in french is the first Metamodern Company’s NFT Collection that will fund our DAO as an initial investment for missions and contests. This is a donation method, so the Government and banks can go f#ck themselves.
Owners of MPP collection will receive gifts in form of METAMODERN TOKEN [MTT], backed by funds from nft articles, videos, embedded ads and merchandise sales, per milestone.
All tokens will be issued on every blockchain and will have different prices based on the main chain token price. Ex: MPP.ETH = 0.08ETH / MPP.SOL = 8SOL / MPP.MATIC = 80MATIC
You can also participate in creativity process by submitting and voting new proposals using DAO mechanics with MPP and MTT.
Shares from gains will be split between Token Holders of The Metamodern Company !
Creators/Owners percent MTT drop after MPP Capitalisation milestone

> 90/10 after 10K

> 80/20 after 100K

> 70/30 after 1M

> 60/40 after 10M

> 50/50 after 100M

> 40/60 after 1B

> 30/70 after 10B

> 20/80 after 100B

> 10/90 after 1T

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