Future of Computing and Web in 5-10years



The Design Systems from many companies for web and software become more and more similar in term of UX. It's because we're all humans, no matter from witch country and which generations. We all know, if we click on a blue button, then there must be an action done. And if we click on the backward arrow, we gonna return to the previous page.

But we don't have the same taste and colors and those things are variable in web and design. Today, many software and websites have the Dark Mode, and Operations systems like Linux, Android and Windows can be customized with some simple clicks.

And the future of Softwares and Web is in the same UX with a variable UI. No matter language of programming and data bases but somehow, there is some leaders for this decade:

  • TypeScrypt (JavaScript that does the same thing that Java with more flexibility)
  • Python ( For IA libs and maybe TypeScript-like overlay in future)
  • Rust (or something idk, i'm not Ironman)
  • Go (Google's PHP)
  • Dart+Flutter (because 80% of people are dumb)

Moreover, that means that all tools and sites that we use everyday will look the same but adapted to our preferences. Like if I like CandyCrush, I may as well have almost all my apps looking like that. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... All like one site, If I setup my browser for that.


And there is why Finest OS/Browser/Site, It's like the same thing. You don't need to download any software or apps. They will be transformed into a PWA widget that looks like a window on your desktop or a messenger floating window on Android that you can fix on the home page.



Edge computing will become main-streem and there will be a new kind of devices:

  • "The brain": a heavy box with a huge amount of CPU and GPU Power stored in house
  • "The face": a lightweight touchscreen of various sizes with a battery, network, mic, sound & camera module connected to the "brain" trough 5G/6G. Sometimes with a low amount of RAM.

This setup can provide a feather like smartphone with PC gamer's performance and a long life battery.

The other trend is the powerful smartphones that used like laptops with "laptop shells" like Nexdock or a simple monitor with a keyboard and a mouse, paired with systems like Samsung DeX, Desktop Experience by Huawei and Desktop mode build-in Android 10-11. This is already on the market, and it's... Nice. Wireless DeX with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra paired with a smart TV, it's like having a Game Console, PC and a graphic tab in one device.

When you will use Finest Tech, you will just launch "The Finest Glass" (Smartphone, pad, laptop, smart tv, glasses, watches, smart wall, VR...)


Finest Glass SL I (Smartphone Large Version 1) Finest Glass PXL III (Pad Extra Large Version 3) and the "Finest OS" will be projected to all devices from "One source of true": "The Finest Stone" (Modulable PC)