Metamodernism and Metaverse V1

As we explaned in the 🌄Metamodern Times previous article, the Metamodernism is nothing but the Modernism that listened to the criticism of the Postmodernism.

If you still don't understand what it is, ask to ChatGPTChatGPT, or BingChatBingChat :


So the Metaverse is our universe which is synchronised with the digital layer of reality.

We, without even knowing it, have become Meta-Humans at the moment when we've created our own character in some sort of RPG game, like “Fallout”, “Diablo” or “WoW”.

Our consciousness is directly connected with the fate of the character we are playing and we are spiritually experiencing everything that is happening to him in his universe. In a way, we literally manage to experience an alternative fate for ourselves.


this version of an alternative life is invented and programmed by other people who depend on their pay checks. And if an employer gets greedy then good developers and designers start to leave.

And when they are gone, much less talented characters, whose interests are limited only by the financial side of the process, come in their place.

From this moment begins the decline of a sincere creativity in the game development.

By this time your favourite franchise turns into a glitched garbage, in which only the ability to buy a new DLC or exchange real money for local currency works properly.

Things like that happened to BioWare (Mass Effect), Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed), Blizzard (Warcraft). Unfortunately, the list of similar examples is getting bigger every day.

Now, my dear friend, imagine that you are playing as a high level orc with a powerful set of weapons, equipment and skills that you’ve got through blood and tears, having spent a considerable amount of your personal time.

And all of a sudden Blizzard executives think to themselves: "Hmm, we could make even more profit by selling those items that could previously be either found, or got from the defeated enemy." Using the classic motto "We need more gold!" on their lips, developers reduce the useful characteristics of the collected items, in order to sell similar items a bit later.

Do you feel injustice and a slight burning sensation just below your lower back? Vitalik Buterin also had similar sentiments, which in his case served as the final impetus in order to create Ethereum.

Today Ethereum is the foundation on which we are building a decentralized future which is based of Web3 protocols and Open Source philosophy.

But, you may ask, my dear friend, what does it all mean particularly to you and how shall you deal with all of that? Well, the answer to this and many other eternal and short-term questions awaits you in the next chapter.

Ut continued…