AI + XR + Web3 Masterclass

AI + XR + Web3 Masterclass

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Most AI and Crypto courses are nonsense. They merely compile free content to profit from newcomers. The Metaverse lost all interest after the AI boom, but it will return with the upcoming wave of affordable AR devices.

Our Solution

We're providing you with the Next Gen Mindset for the next 50 years, collecting the best tools and insights in one place, updated every month. Premium users have access to our private Telegram & Discord channels where they can find the latest gem reviews before anyone else and answers to any question.

You Will Learn

Why this “Cyber Trinity” is so Important

Blockchain solves AI centralization

AI is crucial for the future of the Metaverse

The Metaverse fixes the Web3 user experience

How to Become Financially Independent

From 0 to 1M with Airdrops

Liquidity Providing

Staking and Restaking

How to Master AGI Before it Arrives

Forget your 99 AI e-service subscriptions

Beta AGI is already here

Open-source is key

Bend the Virtual Reality

3D Generators

Metaverse Creation in Seconds

Avatar Management

Become future proof creator

Level up your Art and Design

UX is dead, long live UGX

From Designer to Synthograph

AI and XR Influencer Manager

Community and Business Dev 3.0

Web3 tools for onchain community management.

Ambassador programs.

Post automation.